At age twelve, Betty Sederquist vowed never to touch a camera again after taking a fuzzy family portrait. It wasn’t until she traveled through Japan in her mid twenties that she rediscovered photography. Soon after, she moved to Alaska, where she bought a garage-sale darkroom setup, a Time-Life book on how to develop negatives and print photos, and was on her way. She answered a want ad for a dark room assistant for a local commercial photographer and learned the craft. In those early years, she made some lucky shots, getting published in the state’s largest newspaper and also Alaska magazine. While working with a local publisher on photos for a Katmai guidebook, she met National Geographic staff photographers who showed her some of their tricks. Eventually Sederquist worked for Alaska magazine as an associate editor/staff photographer. She traveled the state and found extraordinary photo ops. Many of these images made their way into national and international publications. Over the years, her clients have included National Geographic books, National Wildlife Federation, Sunset magazine and more. She also publishes writing and has worked on nine books and numerous feature magazine articles. She taught photography and digital imaging for 20 years at a community college east of Sacramento, California. In more recent years she has taught private workshops and led trips large and small, traveling to places like Iceland, Bhutan, the Galapagos,Tanzania and especially Southeast Alaska, where she has led trips since 1999.

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